Supporting Women to Live their Wisdom.

Work with Karen to build confidence in your gifts and compassion for yourself. Learn to employ new systems and skills to flourish in the new economy.

Consultant - Facilitator - Storyteller
Advocate for Social Wellbeing & Social Enterprise 
with the support of the Wise Women Rising.

Hi I'm Karen,

I practice language skills for the emerging new paradigm of business and social enterprise to support mutual wellbeing.

I've been privileged to help many amazing women who've struggled and yearned to authentically communicate and bring their whole selves and their "signature work" into the world. It's incredible to me that they were silencing themselves...but no more.

Using transformative empathy processes we have discovered what was in the way and transformed those less-than-life-serving patterns because they were ready and just needed a way.

Getting honest about how much we all crave fun, meaningful, authentic and compassionate relationships of mutual support...(and don't yet have them the way we'd really like) is the first step. We absolutely need our social wellbeing as the essential platform for all our other stuff.. without it we suffer in silence and don't make progress on getting the really important stuff done that matters most to us in our lives.

The fact is we are social beings and interdependent by nature but sadly, we've learned the language habits of winning and losing that has us be disconnecting and emotionally triggering when we communicate.  Our attempts at deeply fulfilling relationships can be at best a bit painful and at worst terrifying if we don't have genuine connection and collaborative communication skills.

What I do is support entrepreneurial women to develop those skills in a safe community so we can all begin to live our purpose with more power and deeper trust in ourselves. These skills in compassionate collaboration and communication are central to flourishing in the new economy.

So if any of that sounds interesting or you'd like to explore how my consulting and deep coaching services may support you, please feel welcome to book a free consultation on my Facebook page so I can hear from you what matters to you most :-)

ps: You may feel inspired to refer a friend sometime. Please do :-) I'm especially understanding of  women with "carer fatigue" at home and "career fatigue" at work.